Prioritization and focus are key. These are the two things that have helped me be successful in my career and that I bring to my clients. No matter what, companies need to use their time efficiently by focusing on what will provide the biggest returns.

Sustained growth is difficult. It requires smart people continual improvement. Our process is focused on getting better each day, each week, and each month. Every stage of a company brings on new challenges. I have helped multiple companies at various stages including from launch all the way to post IPO growth, and helping them find the growth model that is best for them. Much like a SaaS company is loved by investors because its scaleable and predictable, I bring those same approaches to growth by building predictable, scaleable channels for both SaaS and non-SaaS companies.

I have worked with Monster, LogMeIn, Yesware, Workable and consulted with a number of other clients to help them with customer acquisition. My career started out in SEO, went to paid acquisition and then on to business analytics. At LogMeIn we built a customer economics model that showed that the company could go back into growth mode because we were getting extremely efficient customer acquisition. Since then I have been leading up demand generation, customer acquisition and most recently marketing teams. 

Growth is exciting. It's all about learning quickly and knowing when to increase investment in the right places.