Early Stage Companies

With Yesware and Workable we joined right after they raised their series A. Both were at different levels of revenue, but in both cases we helped them scale up significantly. The key at this stage from a marketing perspective after finding product market fit is to build a strong foundation of marketing tech, identify customer acquisition strategies that can help scale the business, and figure out how to build the team. We've done all three.


Customer Acquisition

What is your sales & marketing model going to be? What channels are going to help you get from where you are to tens of millions in revenue? We've been here and we've been able to answer both of those questions. We bring a full funnel approach to identifying and getting the most out of acquisition channels. Compound Growth focuses on sustainable channels that build on top of each other to companies channels that will help them build great long term businesses.


Marketing Tech Stack

A lot of money can go into a marketing stack through money spent on vendors and time spent on integrating them properly. When you use the right tools it is seamless, when you use the wrong tools or the integration goes wrong, its a pain. We can help you identify the right tools at the right time, and get them set up correctly. Analytics and automation are the two keys to building a strong foundation for your marketing team. If these are done right, it makes everything else easier.



Each marketing team is different. While Sales models can often be the same, every company requires slightly different marketing. We will help build out your marketing stack, and identify your customer acquisition channels to help you figure out the type of marketing organization you need. We have a strong network, and can also help you with hiring to identify the right people for your team.