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Full funnel focus

We believe a full funnel approach is required for successful customer acquisition. This means that you need to understand the full customer journey and the experience for your customers is just as important as the new user experience. Every touchpoint is important. We implement strategies at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, and in the customer journey to build compounding growth.


Marketing operations

Finding the right software to manage your marketing is key. This is the foundation on which you look to build. It can be the difference between an efficient marketing team, and an inefficient one. We help with identification and installation of marketing automation, analytics, and other tools. Our core belief is to keep it simple.

Acquisition Channels

Working with a number of software companies we've found that there is no "playbook" for acquisition that works exactly the same for any two companies. Our method is two pronged: first we want to find out where your customers are looking, and second we want to figure out how to make these channels as efficient as possible. We make big bets on channels that build on themselves.

Funnel optimization

The funnel is a challenge. Typically, people will invest in A/B testing tools to improve the funnel, but this isn't the only way. The funnel is all about intent and getting users to the "aha!" moment where they realize the true value of your product. We focus on each customer touch point to build a great experience that will get your customers to convert, and make them love your brand. 



We've been here before. We know who to hire, when to hire them, and we help with all of this. Growth is tough. Its a challenge to navigate it and get to your full potential. We've been there before in public companies and in early stage companies. We know the challenges, we know when to double down, and we know that in order to hit aggressive targets you need to make the right decisions.

Founders of Workable, Nikos and Spyros.

Founders of Workable, Nikos and Spyros.

Workable case study

When I joined the goal was to grow paid spend to $300k in spend monthly. Within 6 months we had accomplished that goal, but what at Workable found was we were limited by how much we could spend. Sure there was some word of mouth impact, but there was a limit to how far Adwords and other CPC channels would take us. We needed something else.

In year two, I built out our content to the point where it because our top customer acquisition channel on our road to 5,000 customers. We saw that content we wrote three years before continued to drive in customers, and they were great customers. As we scaled up content we built a content cohort report that helped us to make content, which typically has not been a predictable channel of growth, into a predictable channel for growth. By the time I left Workable content had growth from something that drove 360,000 visitors yearly to 25,000,000 yearly uniques.




Growth that builds on itself

Too much money is poured into channels that stop getting results as soon as you stop investing time and/or money into them. LogMeIn, Monster, Yesware, Workable and other high growth companies have benefited by working with me to identify the right acquisition channels and help them build out their marketing teams. I focus on the customer to see where they are looking and match their intent to provide them with what they need. 

What I found was that there were ways to grow so that the growth was sustainable and had the type of curves that build great businesses, and there were channels that cost a lot of money and stopped providing results as soon as they were turned off. The channels that build on themselves can take longer, but I have identified how to accelerate their growth while also making them predictable and scalable.

The idea of this firm is on building scalable marketing growth. That means we make decisions that help companies build strong customer economics over the long term. Don't come to CGM for quick wins, though we often get results, we look for sustainable growth.


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