What Your Sales Team Can Do for You (Video)

It’s time to listen to your sales team. Why? Account managers can help you fill a critical knowledge gap. In fact, if you're just looking at analytics to understand your marketing impact, you’re missing out on vital insights.

Your sales team can fill those gaps by telling you things like:

  • What part of your company's story resonates
  • What led prospects to come to your site
  • Who is involved in the purchase decision (some of these people show up in the CRM others don't)
  • What inflection points caused them to consider you

Be careful, though! No offense to sales, but the sales team can be wishy-washy. They tend to focus on anecdotes, not the whole picture. It’s your job to use their detailed insights to map out the larger marketing picture. 

How can marketing learn from their sales team?

This video will discuss why the sales team has essential insights and how to get the most out of their experience. 


You also can check our Podcast page, we tackle all of the challenges of B2B marketers looking to build systems that scale.

Focus on Accounts, Not Leads (Video)

The concept of “a lead” is one of the most misunderstood and misused strategies in marketing. CRMs like Salesforce have doubled down on the idea of a leads-focused marketing strategy by building CRMs focused on leads/emails and not accounts.
John Short

Not All MQLs are Created Equal (Video)

Stop me if you’ve been here before: You create a model forecasting the next quarter with the MQLs you need to hit your target. You invest heavily in growing MQLs and do so primarily through Lead Ads. Then, the sales team misses their target, and the SQL and Pipeline numbers are nowhere near their targets. 
John Short

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