The Predictable Demand System™

We create a repeatable, predictable and sustainable demand system for you.
And then we help you operate it.

Demand Generation

First we evaluate how efficiently you are creating a steady drumbeat of high quality leads coming into your funnel.

Funnel Economics

Then we analyze how efficient you are at recognizing the most valuable leads in your funnel and converting that interest into revenue

Revenue Intelligence

We also ensure marketing and sales are working the right leads by reviewing tech stack, your database, lead hand off and reporting.

“We enjoyed working with Compound Growth Marketing. During our time working together, they helped us grow our user acquisition, and brought a pragmatic process to how we prioritize."

Andrew Busse

Chief of Staff Airtable     

Think of us as your strategic sparring partner

We're not just channel operators. Our team of growth experts will work side-by-side with you to find strategic opportunities for growth.

Identify your ICP & organize your database

Whether you already have an ICP definition or not, our team will compile a thorough ICP definition, size your database and make sure both marketing and sales are working the same high quality ICP leads.

Management and strategic evaluation of your tech stack

Achieving excellence in revenue intelligence means everyone on the team has the right insights and focused on the right priorities. Your tech stack plays a huge role in that. So we work to evaluate your tech stack, help you manage your CRM and organize priorities so sales and marketing are aligned.

PPC, SEO and revenue marketing audits

Every client might not need PPC, SEO and revenue marketing prioritize all at once. But every client that works with CGM gets a comprehensive audit of each area.

How it works

A continuous cycle of ideas & execution

Once our team has established a thorough understanding of your business, we create a continuous cycle of analysis and planning to prioritize your growth opportunities.

Our first 45 days together

In our first few months working together we'll gather as much context about you as possible and analyze everything from your paid media spend to how your tech stack is configured. These first 45 days are critical in building a roadmap of work for our teams.

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  • We'll run a leadership workshop with your team to establish short term and long term goals for your business

  • We'll write OKRs together so that our teams are aligned on our highest growth priorities

  • Take ownership of SEO, PPC and revenue marketing projects and start making incremental improvements

We build a plan with your top priorities

After establishing a baseline understanding of your business, we can properly roadmap a plan of priorities. Your roadmap will align to the OKRs we create with you. This is the start of a continuous cycle where we'll plan, execute and then analyze and plan again.

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  • We'll have baseline KPIs established so we can measure impact of our work together moving forward

  • We'll present you our roadmap and adjust priorities so they fit your short and long term goals.

  • This roadmap will focus on a three month time period so that we can make adjustments quickly.

Lets get to work building your system

After we've agreed upon a roadmap with your team, we'll start working on implementing the work outlined in the roadmap. That might mean creating content, fixing CRM workflows, technical SEO or something else. Every plan is custom built based and designed to develop a system of predictable growth.

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  • Start work on PPC, SEO, account based marketing, rev ops, or other projects the plan calls for

  • Program directors will start operating on your account with the support of our analysts

  • At every step of our process we'll be sharing the results of our work

We operate in three-month cycles

Once a quarter your senior strategist will organize and host a quarterly business review with your team. We will review recent work, provide updates on performance results and hold a discussion about what the next three month roadmap should look like.

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  • Each QBR is a chance to review and adjust the plan to respond to new data, trends, or business decisions

  • All stakeholders will be present for this conversation so we can agree on clear outcomes

  • A three month cycle allows our team to be nimble and change priorities as needed. We're your strategic partner.

The benefit of a strategic partnership

Because we work as a partner to your organization, we've designed our process to respond to a fast growing organization, changing market landscape or a client that wants to move quickly. Every three months we have the opportunity reprioritize or double down.

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  • Organizing OKRs and establishing KPIs allows us to always have a pulse for performance, so we're not waiting for direction

  • Our team of B2B demand gen experts are experienced in change management and working with executives at fast growing organizations

  • We are always working towards building a sustainable system, never just one-off projects with short term results.

Meet your demand team

Senior Strategist

Team lead

Your senior strategist will be your main point of contact and your strategy "sparring" partner. They will lead you through onboarding and manage day-to-day operations including the support team of specialist and analysts we assign to your account.

Program Directors

Program directors are assigned to your account during onboarding to conduct audits and organize your roadmap. They also will manage projects once the roadmap has been approved.


Our audits, roadmapping and projects are supported by a team of highly experienced analysts that work closely with program directors and your senior strategist to ensure our data is as accurate as possible.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to build a Predictable Demand System?

Of course it depends on the business, your goals, your stage and your market. But we follow a process, a cycle for continuous improvement. Our cycle is 1.5 months for onboarding and then operate in three month cycles to implement work and then refine the plan. Every quarter our team will present a quarterly business review which will include results and a discussion about new priorities.

What are the things I actually get when I hire CGM to build me a Predictable Demand System?

Besides the obvious (a predictable system for demand), you'll get a demand gen team working day-in and day-out to make improvements to your demand generation function. You'll get access to our all our analysis work, audits of your current demand gen as well as channel and project management like revops, rev marketing, PPC, SEO, account based marketing and more.

How will my account me staffed?

We'll assign a senior strategist to your account. Your strategist will be your main POC and primary decision maker. We like to think of them as a "strategic sparring partner" for your team. We will also assign program directors to your account. Program directors have specific areas of expertise like revenue marketing, revops, paid media and SEO. They will conduct audits, present data and directly manage areas of your demand gen function such as PPC and SEO. Finally, we have a team of analysts that support the senior strategist and programs directors working on your account.

Once the system is built will I still need CGM?

Our goal is to build you a sustainable growth strategy that fits your business and industry. That strategy should be operable by your team. That said, our team of growth experts will provide constant input, data, and operational excellence. Most of our clients choose to continue working with us long term because of the tight alignment and results we can provide with our partnership.

Results from the Predictable Demand System™

Revenue Operations

Vergesense sees $4M annualized revenue upside with optimization of omni-channel outbound

ICP Automation

Leverage historic data with enrichment to identify best fit segments and account grading

Map Buyer Journey and Targeting

Create segmented, automated flows in Hubspot for ABM Accounts that include sales emails, sales outreach, organic and paid social.

Social Marketing

Built and developed LinkedIn & Facebook campaigns for Airtable helping them to develop a strategy for attribution and drive growth through Facebook Ads.

Developed Roadmap for PPC

Built out a roadmap that was shared and set expectations with the executive team.

Paid Media

Airtable achieves a 60% increase in leads in 6 months without increasing spend

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