Full Funnel Focus

B2B companies underestimate the impact that top of funnel strategy has on down-funnel conversion. CGM leverages insights from your revenue operations to drive our top-of-funnel and middle-of-the-funnel execution and optimization. We're a funnel funnel demand generation firm.

Revenue Operations

RevOps should provide info & efficiency for marketing. Strong RevOps thinks of sales & marketing end-users, builds accessible data & integrates for better performance.

Account Based Marketing

We tailor our strategy, align sales and marketing, and deliver personalized campaigns for targeted accounts. Experience better ROI and engagement with our ABM expertise.

Content & SEO

Climb the search rankings with SEO by CGM. We conduct thorough keyword research, optimizations for your website, and build quality backlinks to drive organic traffic and boost your online visibility.

Paid Media

Maximize your online reach with our paid media solutions. We craft targeted campaigns, optimize ad performance, and track results meticulously, ensuring optimal ROI and heightened brand exposure.


What people who work with us are saying

We're proud to have partnered with 100+ B2B tech companies to deliver not just great service but meaningful results.

“I have a million things going on and I appreciate working with CGM because I know they’re pushing things forward. I never have to ask Matt what is next, he always has something in the pipeline."

Ian Adams

VP of Sales & Marketing at Yesware

“Compound Growth helped us diagnose all kinds of issues in our demand generation at Emotive and help us see the path ahead. Well worth the investment.”

Ty Magnin

VP of Marketing

“John and the CGM team were incredible partners to us at Workable. All star group who operated as an extension of our org and drove meaningful results”

Silas Larson

VP of Demand Generation at Workable

Proven results for clients just like you

Revenue Operations

Vergesense sees $4M annualized revenue upside with optimization of omni-channel outbound

ICP Automation

Leverage historic data with enrichment to identify best fit segments and account grading

Map Buyer Journey and Targeting

Create segmented, automated flows in Hubspot for ABM Accounts that include sales emails, sales outreach, organic and paid social.

Scaled Spend Efficiently

Compound Growth Marketing scaled spend by 176% while improving return on ad spend.

Developed Roadmap for PPC

Compound Growth Marketing worked with the Spot.ai team to focus on certain market segments where their sales team was most successful.

Paid Media

Spot.ai achieves a 571% increase in monthly pipeline generated from paid acquisition

Content & SEO

Predictable Index sees a 40% growth in traffic since the start of COVID-19

Next-Level Content Strategy

Built out automated CRM to interact with segmentation to target weekly customers and top clients of the Mina Group.

Map Buyer Journey and Targeting

Compound Growth Marketing corrected a significant reporting attribution error leading to improved focus on revenue-driving activities.

EP30 - Marketing Assets vs Liabilities

On this episode we dive into the significance of distinguishing marketing assets versus liabilities. Proper recognition and classification of marketing assets and liabilities is crucial to the success of any business, yet many marketers struggle to understand the difference between the two.
John Short

What Your Sales Team Can Do for You (Video)

It’s time to listen to your sales team. Why? Account managers can help you fill a critical knowledge gap. In fact, if you're just looking at analytics to understand your marketing impact, you’re missing out on vital insights.

Not All MQLs are Created Equal (Video)

Stop me if you’ve been here before: You create a model forecasting the next quarter with the MQLs you need to hit your target. You invest heavily in growing MQLs and do so primarily through Lead Ads. Then, the sales team misses their target, and the SQL and Pipeline numbers are nowhere near their targets. 
John Short

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